Conquer the Counterfeit Comfort of Food with

Robia Scott

Stop the sabotage cycle of dieting and overeating. Start loving how you look and feel.

Walking Together

 This course is for you if you want to:

✔️ Regain the domain of your brain, and finally stop obsessing about food

✔️ Be healthy in body, soul, and spirit

✔️ Have a normal relationship with food

✔️ Conquer any counterfeit comfort such as sugar, alcohol, cigarettes, or shopping

✔️ Shatter the strongholds of fear, anxiety, guilt, and depression

✔️ Hear the voice of God clearly, specifically, and regularly for yourself and others

✔️ Engage with a supportive and encouraging community of like-minded and like-spirited believers

✔️ Serve God, be the best you can be, and feel comfortable and confident in your own skin

I am thrilled to be a part of your journey to Conquer the Counterfeit Comfort of Food!

I’m Robia Scott, and I have a vested interest in making sure that you have fantastic results to report as we walk out this transformation together. 

This only works for me if it really, REALLY works for you. 

The good news is, I have experienced transformation firsthand in my own life and witnessed God’s miraculous power in the lives of countless others. 

I have spent the past twenty-two years helping women around the world Conquer the Counterfeit Comfort of Food and ALL other counterfeits too.


I will show you how to get free fast, and experience the peace, purpose, and passion for which you were created. 

The tools and truths I am going to share with you work, because God’s ways work!

The Pain of Not Changing and Staying Stuck

Stepping out of familiar patterns, habits and mindsets can be uncomfortable, but the pain of staying stuck far out weighs anything you will experience as you break through and break out of confusion, condemnation, shame, and torment. 

I am here with my team to walk with you through the process, provide a safe and gentle environment for growth, and show you exactly how to stop the sabotage cycle of obsession with food and body image. 

And guess what? We are even going to have fun while doing it. There is nothing more fun than freedom!

These ladies have gotten real results, and you will too!


"I’ve learned more in the past 3 months than I did in the last 3 years of therapy. There are just no words to express how this program has opened my spiritual eyes. I am blown away."


"Even though I had grown up in church, I found myself bound by destructive eating habits and stuck in a prison of depression. Robia showed me how to experience the freedom I knew was available to me, but did not know how to attain."


"By the 4th week of the course, I had already gotten my money’s worth and much more. I have been healed from emotional eating and disordered thinking about food and my body. I can’t say it loud enough or strong enough how happy I am that I said yes to this program!"


"Deep down I never thought I mattered. By the second week of the program I had one of the most powerful experiences with God that I have ever had in my life! “Conquer Counterfeit Comforts” is truly God breathed with God’s fingerprints all over it."


"After working with Robia, I am a completely different person. I walked away from Overeaters Anonymous, after going there for 10 years, and I have not looked back."


"I was a mess for years because I never learned what is taught in this course. I experienced more freedom in just a few weeks with Robia than I had in years of church. I’ve been loosed from the lies and confusion that the enemy had instilled in me for decades and I’ve never felt more full of hope and happiness!"

How Does The Conquer Counterfeit Comforts Mentorship Work?

This program incorporates four keys to rapid growth and acceleration:

Teaching, Prayer, Community, and Accountability.

The 90-day course unfolds through weekly webinar training, prayer calls,

and live group coaching calls.

God's Blueprint

Conquer Counterfeit Comforts Is Based On A Biblical Pattern To Transform Your Life.

A monthly coaching program that gives you the clarity, confidence, community, and accountability to overcome every obstacle. Whether it be food, fear, shopping, or shame, I have combined decades of collective experience between me and my world-class coaches and distilled it down into the key Godly strategies that will make all the difference in your life.

There are 3 key components to change:

Hosea 4:6 states: “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” Many of the most vital aspects of Biblical teaching are often overlooked in the church. I will show you the scriptural blueprint to step out of struggle and into freedom fast!

During these unprecedented times of isolation and separation in our culture, you do not need to walk alone. Plug in, and receive the love and support of like-minded, like-spirited believers who will cheer you on every step of the way. We go further and faster together!

Staying on track becomes possible when we come together in partnership. Watch and see what happens in your life when you align with the right teaching, community, and accountability!

Join Now

& Get Instant Access to...

Weekly Webinar Training Sessions

Shatter strongholds with weekly powerful training sessions. Robia Scott will give you all the necessary tools and teaching needed to reach your goals and completely transform your relationship with food, with God, and with yourself. 

(Value $997)

World-Class Coaches Corner Trainings

Robia’s team of powerhouse coaches will also walk alongside you throughout your transformation. Each one of her trained and seasoned coaches has a unique teaching gift and adds so much value to the program! Proverbs 11:14 - Where there is no counsel, the people fall; But in the multitude of counselors, there is safety. 

(Value $797)

Powerful Prayer Calls 

The combination of training and weekly Spirit-infused prayer will propel you forward quickly. It is the anointing that breaks the yoke! 

(Value $697)

Live Connect and Q&A Meetings

Meet with Robia and the team of coaches in a live group meeting every other week. This is your opportunity to connect, ask questions, receive personal prayer, and draw from the coaches and your supportive and loving community. 

(Value $1,297)

Private Facebook Community Group 

Receive access to our private Facebook group where you will connect with Robia, the coaches, and your program peers daily. You will be strengthened, encouraged, and make lifelong friends. This is truly the most incredible tribe of women. The only thing missing is you! We can’t wait for you to join our spiritual family.

(Value $697)


When You Join You’ll Instantly Receive Access To:

Robia Scott's Audio Training Library

Gain access to Robia Scott’s entire Audio Training Library of Resources. This is every audio teaching she has recorded with titles such as:

Emotional Healing

Free from the Stronghold of Unbelief

The Wilderness Season

Practicing the Presence of God

And much, much more.

(Value $1,856)

Series - Soar in the Soul Realm

This teaching series includes Scriptural strategies and tools for transformation to heal your heart and restore your mind.

The Person & Power of The Holy Spirit

This is the bridge to greater intimacy and power in your prayer life. Learn to operate in the fullness and gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Vision & 


Discover your purpose, clarify your vision, and walk in your unique God-given destiny. 

Series - Spiritual Equipping

The #1 ploy of the enemy is keeping you from receiving God’s promises. In this series, we’ll reveal those tactics and equip you to operate in your authority in Christ.

Series - 

Heart Healing

“As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” Proverbs 23:7. Discover the deepest level of transformation by changing the beliefs of your heart.

Behind The Scenes with Robia Scott

If you liked the movie Unplanned, then you will love this bonus. Go behind the scenes with Robia on her upcoming Christian film and television projects!

This mentorship is for you if you want to:

Break the Bondage of Binging

Break the bondage of binging God’s way. No counting calories, cutting carbs, or hours of cardio.

Stop the 

Sabotage Cycle

End the fight with food and body image and start to love how you look and feel.

Regain the Domain of Your Brain

Quiet your mind, and obliterate the tormenting tug of war in your thought realm.



Transfer dependence from the counterfeit comfort of food onto the true Comforter, the Holy Spirit.




One payment:



Three monthly payments:






It takes 90 days to complete the course. However, there is no pressure. You are free to go at your own pace as you will have access to the program and all the materials for one full year.

Your mentorship begins as soon as you join!

My role is to lift burdens from you, not put more on you. Your time commitment to the course is approximately two hours a week (plus the bi-monthly 60-minute live connect meetings) to receive life-changing results!

You will have access to the live coaching sessions with Robia and her team of coaches every other week for the full 90 days of the program. The live sessions take place on various days and times throughout the month in order to accommodate those in different time zones. You will receive the schedule in advance each month.

Every live session in the program is recorded and will be uploaded to your own private library portal which you are able to access 24/7. You will never miss a thing. You can join live or catch the replays at your convenience and according to your schedule.

Your husband is welcome to watch the weekly webinars and other training sessions inside the course, but the live coaching calls and Facebook community are for women only.

You may share your course only with those inside your household and under your roof. The program is for individual use only. We ask that you honor the integrity of the course and community. You may invite a female friend or female family member to join our tribe at any time by sharing this link with them:

It takes 90 days to complete the program, but you will retain access to the course for one full year! This gives you the time you need to go through the program at your own pace and revisit the teachings all year long.

Yes! You can make a one-time payment or choose to make 3 monthly payments that are billed automatically every 30 days upon registration.

My mission is to deliver above and beyond what I have promised, and I will guarantee that I do! We do not offer refunds, but if you complete each week’s training in its entirety and can honestly say that what was delivered was not what was promised, then you may submit a request after 90 days to be fully reimbursed.

Yes! Regardless of what particular stronghold you are wrestling with, you will find freedom in this course and grow leaps and bounds in your relationship with the Lord and with yourself. We have walked with women struggling with alcohol, cigarettes, gambling, shopping, etc. This mentorship will facilitate breakthroughs in any and all areas.

This is your time

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